Monday, July 28, 2008

A new door opens!

God is so awesome.  I have been thinking and praying for months about how God could further use me to spread the word about Compassion International. My roommate even confirmed that she felt in her spirit like my role with Compassion was going to get bigger. I didn't know what that would look like exactly but I felt it in my spirit too. Well, about two weeks ago - I got a call from the TN area coordinator who oversees all of the area advocates. She said that the advocate network has doubled in size in the last year (which is awesome) and she wanted to know if I would pray about and consider becoming an area coordinator for Nashville. Well, my spirit jumped right when she asked - it was one of those "aha" moments where you're like "ok God - this is what you were preparing my heart for".  I probably could have just said yes right then and there but I wanted to pray about it just to be sure. I did and continued to feel nothing but peace about taking this role. It is a volunteer role where I'll be overseeing all the advocates in Nashville, keeping in touch with them and putting together team meetings a few times a year, encouraging and helping one another. It's totally right up my alley since being social and keeping in touch with people is my thing anyway. God is so cool how He uses our specific giftings. I just love it. I have gladly accepted the position and will begin training very soon. I am very excited. 
After I said yes to the offer - I got an email inviting me to join Compassion for a National Advocates Conference in the Dominican Republic in October. This was another cool thing because for months I had thought about going to Colorado in Sept for a Compassion group tour reunion retreat. But i just hadn't felt totally sure that God wanted me to go. I signed up but had put off sending in the money to do it. And I had just felt like I was waiting to decide. I also thought about going to Kenya with my church this summer but didn't feel peace about doing that either. Once I got the email invite to the Dominican Republic and realized this would be a great trip to help me in the role I was accepting as the AC, it just was yet another cool moment. It then made sense why the Kenya thing didn't happen and I hadn't felt sure about Colorado. I love how God works! Anyway, I was able to say yes to going on the trip and already booked my flight for October. I have been wanting to visit some more countries and this will be a great chance to get to know some of the people I'll be working with in my  new role with Compassion - I am so excited about this.