Thursday, February 17, 2011

I love you Lord

Dear Lord, 
I'm sorry I haven't spent much time with you lately. I'm sorry that I keep busy doing everything under the sun BUT spend time with you. I'm sorry that I've been doing my own thing as if I don't need your help. Oh, I DO need your help. Help me firstly to not forget that. To not get so overwhelmed with work and tasks and to do lists that seem to never end that I don't stop and just be... with you. I know that it's no coincidence that while I've been not spending time with you - I'm also irritable and my patience is running very thin. I feel like everything has gotten on my last nerve the past few weeks. Yesterday, I just felt like I was about to cry. And other than just being irritated - I couldn't quite explain why. But I know why - it's because without you, there is no peace. Without you, there's stress and we let things get to us and overwhelm us and stress us out. Without you, I don't like who I am. And it makes me wonder if other people aren't liking me much either. I don't want to be that person who is annoyed all the time. I want to be joyful and easy going and full of peace, even in the midst of chaos and IT problems and a long list of stuff to do. I want the peace of God which transcends all understanding. And where do I get that? - well, from you! Only you. No one or nothing else has it. Just you. I love you Lord. You are a faithful God. You have proven yourself over and over in my life. Let me not forget that you are the God who provides - when I lost my job, when you provided this job and all the months in between that you provided for me. Let me daily remember all the years you waited for me and kept pursuing me until I finally realized you were there and gave my life to you. Let me never forget who I used to be and the new creation I am daily in you. I remember when I didn't know your love, didn't really KNOW it like I do now. When you know that you know that you know someone loves you - it changes you. It provides security in knowing that you don't have to question that love. I know that you love me - no matter what I do or how I just went for several weeks without really even talking much to you. And because I love you - I'm sorry that I did that. Not because I'm afraid you love me less but because love means wanting to spend time with someone and when you don't - you miss them. Even if you might be so busy that you didn't even realize it - you start acting differently and it causes you to stop and realize - "why I am feeling this way?" And then you know why - you miss the one you love. Lord I miss you. I know you are still here - help me to see you more, to know you more, to desire to be in your Word more and to be with you more. And help me to remember to fill up daily in you so I don't go out into the world trying to pour out love that I can't really pour out if I don't have it in me. It's YOUR LOVE that fills me up to overflowing so that I can pour out to others. And when I'm filled up with you - I'm filled up with love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness and self control. Imagine that! Galatians 5:22-23 coming to life in me and all because your spirit is in me. Lord help me to be led by your spirit daily. More of you and less of me Jesus. That's what I want. That's what I need. I love you Lord. 

Monday, February 7, 2011

Photos from Haiti Feb Trip

Click on the links below each day to see all the pictures I uploaded to facebook from that day - some great shots!

Day 1 at Children Household of Tomorrow Orphanage in Port au Prince

Day 2 at Well Being Orphanage just outside of  Port au Prince

Day 3 at Children of Hope Orphanage in Thomazeau

Day 4 - back at Children Household of Tomorrow Orphanage in Port au Prince

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Visit to Thomazeau

I love going to Children of Hope Orphanage in Thomazeau. It is always a breath of fresh air for myself and our teams to see an orphanage that has great leadership and is taking excellent care of the children. We had so much fun with the kids today. Joanne had some giant bible stories - the same kind I used in Sunday school class at my church. She told the children the story of Paul & Silas in Prison and David & Goliath. The kids were so attentive and they knew without hesitation when she asked who can help you when you are in need - JESUS! I got some great pictures. This camera takes awesome pictures. I will post more soon on my facebook page and I'll post the link once I'm done. I love that I've been able to come back 3 times now in the past year and really get to know these kids and adults at these 3 orphanages. I love them all! Looking forward to coming back in March. 

Haiti update

We are having a great trip in Haiti. I was planning to blog each day but I've been so tired after we've gotten back and had our team meetings, that I really haven't yet. I uploaded pics from day 1 but haven't done that yet for day 2. Day 2 we went to Well Being and it was a great day with those kids. Love them so much! The momma who runs the place is precious. And great news - since we were there last, 7th Day Adventist in Haiti got her a prosthetic leg. She just got it a few days ago so still getting used to it. 

Today, we drive an hour + to Thomazeau to a more rural orphanage called Children of Hope. I also look forward to going there - the children are amazing, as are the people who run it. 

I will try to update tonight. Just wanted to put a short post today so anyone checking - would know we are safe and having a great trip. 


Thursday, February 3, 2011

Day 1 - Feb Haiti Trip

Lots of photos from day 1 posted on the link above. 

Great first day. Weird to wake up in Nashville and then be in Haiti by noon, go to an orphanage for the afternoon and love on some kids, then back to the guesthouse for dinner and download time with the team - all in the same day! 

I'm really tired so I will write more soon. SO great to see the kids today! Love them so much. Got some great pics. Check out the link.