Saturday, September 25, 2010

Exciting Haiti news!!!!

Just got word last week that Sweet Sleep has approved our request for providing beds for 50 kids at the Children Household of Tomorrow orphanage in Port au Prince, Haiti. I am beyond excited! I will get the honor of being there when these new beds are given. They are also providing mosquito nets for every bed, sheets and a bible for every child and staff person. Praise God!!!!
Originally I was supposed to lead a team to Costa Rica Oct 2 - 9. I went back in March and fell in love with the kids there and wanted to go back. But as the months were approaching - I really felt like the Lord was telling me to let someone else lead that trip and that I was supposed to lead the Haiti trip.
I went to Haiti this past June and to be honest, it was a really hard trip. It's a hard place to be. And I loved the children there and was glad that I went but I was also really ready to come home at the end of that week. I had no intention of personally going back. But about a month later, I felt the Lord telling me He wanted me to. I shared this with Amanda, my boss, and she said she thought it would be better to have a staff person lead this Haiti trip anyway cause it is such a hard trip. The person who was going to lead it had originally wanted to lead a Costa Rica trip anyway so I got in touch with her - and she was totally on board for switching. And then a month or so later, she had to back out from leading and a lady named Kim Woodside who just went for 2 weeks to Costa Rica with two back to back teams had contacted me about leading a trip there. So it's been neat to see how God has worked it all out. Kim is leading Costa Rica. I'm leading Haiti. And we leave for Haiti Oct 16th. We are taking so many supplies down, I'm not even quite sure how we will fit it all in our luggage. We have 6 of us going and we're taking toiletry kits for 100 kids, 45 or so backpacks, arts & crafts and 50 sheets that Sweet Sleep is providing are being sent down with us too.
A few months ago, I didn't want to go back to Haiti. But now, I absolutely can't wait! Especially because we are going to meet needs and provide things that they don't have finances for or access too. And that excites me. I love to be able to help - especially these precious children, many of whom have lost their parents. Haiti is a hard place but my prayer is that our October team, with the help of Sweet Sleep, will be able to share the Lord in a very tangible way! Please pray for our team, the 2 orphanages we'll visit and all the staff and children! Thank you!