Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Called to GO!

Just got off the phone a few hours ago with our Haiti mission team. We had our follow-up call and I have to say - I really miss those 5 ladies! It was such a great dynamic and even in the midst of an emotional trip, we had so many laughs. I just love how God puts mission teams together. Each person picked out by Him for such a time as this - to go and to serve the least of these - together! You share such a deep connection with these people you just shared an amazing journey with. And no one back home could ever understand what you've seen and heard and felt - except for this team that was there with you. And so... you come home and you miss the children you loved on while you were there but you also miss your team. The people you've come to know and love  -who only a week or two prior - were total strangers. And now, you can't even imagine having never met them. 
And so it goes with mission teams - God orchestrates them. We go with amazing people who felt the Lord calling them and who made the sacrifice of time and money to go and minister to the least of these - exactly what James 1:27 calls us to do. And we love on kids who don't always feel loved or special. We remind them that they are. They are NOT forgotten. We tell them about father God and how He has a hope and a future for them! And how even though they can't hear Him or see Him - He is always there, always listening, always loving. What an honor to be able to be the hands and feet of Jesus to GO, to SERVE, and to LOVE. We go and it's not about us for a change. It's about having our eyes wide open to the needs around us and seeing how we can step in to make a difference in the lives of those around us. But in the midst of putting others first, a funny thing happens. We are blessed too! Sometimes I think more than even the people we go to bless. In giving, you truly will receive. But that's not why you do it - that's just a cool thing God does as a result. 

I love to GO! I love to be surrounded with children - getting to bring hope and joy and help! I love to make new friends - lifelong friends - with the team you served with. And most of all - I love knowing that I am exactly where the Lord has called me to be. Because there's no better place to be than in the center of His will!!!!

So my question to you is.... Where is the Lord calling you? And will you GO? 

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