Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Your vote can make a difference!

If everyone who has been on a Visiting Orphans trip or knows someone who has would be willing to vote - Visiting Orphans could be awarded a $50K grant. In order for us to get this grant, you don't have to donate, you don't even have to register (although if you do, you get more votes), you just have to vote. It'll only take a moment but it can have an eternal impact: http://www.givingoflife.com/browse/visiting_orphans/

There are millions of orphans in this world... ALL over the world. We are only in 13 countries. Can you imagine the lives of orphans we can touch if we could reach more countries? With your vote, we can do this! If you register you get 3 votes to use right away...

Please vote for Visiting Orphans today on the Giving of Life website!
Thank you so much!!!

Visiting Orphans is a 501(c)3 non-profit corporation; Tax ID # 20-3179796